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July 2019

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Family Financial Planning 

Get a Head Start on College Savings

It’s a daunting prospect. In 18 years, attending an in-state public college for four years will likely cost a total of about $233,000.

Published April 2019 by Kiplinger. Read more .


7 Important Financial Steps for New Parents to Take

Have you or anyone you know had a recent addition to their family? With all the excitement of a new baby, it’s easy for the parents to overlook some key financial steps to take.

Published May 2019 by Forbes. Read more .



Investing in Volatile Markets: How to Keep Calm and Carry On

Investing for the future? These tips can help you stay the course through ups and downs.

Published by Discover. Read more .


Prosper with Do-Gooder Investments

Parnassus investments founder and socially conscious investing pioneer Jerry Dodson talks value investing and some of his favorite stocks. Also: Which tax documents should you keep (or toss)?

Published May 2019 by Kiplinger. Read more .


Risk Management

Best Ways to Prepare for Life’s Big Financial ‘What-Ifs’

Without having at least a modest understanding of insurance and preparing basic estate planning documents as well as advance directives (letting others we appoint make decisions for our health and money if we can’t), Reynolds believes, we’re dooming ourselves and our loved ones to unnecessary anguish and chaos.

Published May 2019 by Forbes. Read more .


Emergency Funds Can Reduce Stress

Your Savings can bail you out of a situation you may not think of as an emergency.

Published January 2019 by Kiplinger. Read more. 

Is it time for financial advice?

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The financial issues you face now are far different than those of someone approaching retirement. However, it's often unclear where to turn for advice that will help you make thoughtful choices. That's why we developed an approach to help you hit the ground running as you establish the foundation that will support you the rest of your life. We customize our process according to your situation – this ensures we put together the right plan for your specific needs and goals. 



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