Community Involvement

Giving Back To The Community!

The Boulder Group is committed to giving back to the community.  Below you will find the organizations we give back to and the events we participate in to make sure our community receives our support.


Imagine! Provides support services to more than 2,850 people of all ages with developmental delays and cognitive disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome.

The Boulder Group supports this organization by attending and supporting its’ annual fund raiser in Longmont, CO.  Additionally, John Frisbie has served as a President of the Board of Directors for Imagines’ Foundation, and is currently a member of the Board.  The Boulder Group has also used its’ annual client appreciation event at The Boulder Dinner Theatre to raise funds and gifts for Imagine!

Imagine! Support Goals:

  • Invite clients to the annual fund raiser for Imagine!
  • Gather funds and gifts at The Boulder Group’s client and prospect events
  • Promote meaningful and enjoyable Team oriented events
  • Document event participation for publication on Baird Web
  • Make meaningful contributions to Imagine!
  • Involve all Team members

The Open Door Fund

The Open Door Fund, a permanent endowment of The Community Foundation, supports the Boulder County community by raising money and distributing grants for programs that enhance the lives of its gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

The Boulder Group participates in this organization through its attendance and financial support of The Open Door Fund’s annual fund raising event.  Nate Samek is actively involved with The Open Door Fund and is a member of the organization’s committee.

The Open Door Fund Support Goals:

  • Invite clients to the annual fund raiser for The Open Door Fund
  • Promote meaningful and enjoyable Team oriented events
  • Document event participation for publication on Baird Web
  • Make a meaningful contributions to The Open Door Fund
  • Involve all Team members in attending the annual fund raiser
  • Utilize The Boulder Groups marketing tools to advertise events and our participation

EFAA – Emergency Family Assistance Association

EFAA helps those in our community whose immediate needs for food, shelter and other basic necessities cannot adequately be met by other means, and support their efforts toward financial stability and self-sufficiency.

The Boulder Group’s support of this organization will be through two scheduled food drives.  The first food drive will be coordinated with the firm’s “Baird Gives Back Week”, scheduled in the middle of May.  The second food drive will be centered around a holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.  In addition we should be ready to respond to any catastrophic events that would require additional support of EFAA.

Food Drive Goals:

  • Involvement of all Team members in organizing event, collecting and gifting food
  • Solicit participation from our Client base
  • Utilize all of our marketing tools to advertise events and successes to our clients
  • Document successes for Baird publications
  • Promote an enjoyable, meaningful Team event
  • Collect a meaningful amount of food for EFAA’s needs

Baird Gives Back Week

This special week is an annual Baird sponsored, firm wide effort to give back to the communities that Baird is privileged to work within.  Baird participants throughout the country unite to organize events and drives to benefit local charities and organizations.

The Boulder branch participates by contributing time and gifts to two charities throughout the Baird Gives Back week.  Each year the branch conducts a food drive in the community to benefit Emergency Family Assistance Association, a local food bank that provides emergency food assistance to Boulder County families.  Office efforts will vary from cleaning up Boulder County Open Space to building houses with Habitat for Humanity.

Baird Gives Back Week Goals:

  • To have all of the Boulder Branch employees participate in the weeks events
  • Make meaning contributions of gifts and effort to the chosen charities
  • Promote a Team atmosphere within the branch, and within the Baird community
  • Give back to the community we work and live in
  • To help people that are currently not as fortunate as we are
  • To have fun

Client Appreciation Event

The Boulder Group sponsors an event each year to show that we appreciate the trust our clients have placed with us.  Our clients and their friends and family in the community are invited to join The Boulder Group in a non-business related environment for an evening of fun and entertainment.

This event has been held at The Boulder Dinner Theatre where local theatrical professionals present famous Broadway Plays.  The evening begins with refreshments, followed by dinner and then the Play.  The cost of entry for the evening is to bring a gift or donation to a local charity with our most recent focus being the Imagine! charity. 

Client Appreciation Event Goals:

  • To show our clients that we truly appreciate our relationship with them
  • No business presentations
  • To get our clients together in fun and relaxing atmosphere
  • An opportunity for The Boulder Group to spend quality time with clients
  • A fun and relaxing evening for all attendees
  • Make a meaningful contribution to a local charity
  • Document event for publication on Baird Web