Wealth Management

Every client’s financial goals, situation and personal investment preferences are unique. As your Financial Advisor, our most important job is to truly understand who you are and what you want your assets to accomplish for you. Baird provides access to a broad pool of research, resources and planning expertise from which we can draw when designing customized solutions based on our knowledge of your specific needs in these areas.

Lifestyle Planning

  • Are you going to make it?
  • How will you support your lifestyle?
  • How will your family pay for college?

Estate Planning

  • Who will decide where your wealth goes?
  • Who will carry out your final wishes?
  • What are your plans for your business?


  • How do you give back?
  • How is your family involved?
  • What method will you use?

Risk Management

  • Will your family be okay?
  • What happens if you need assisted living?
  • What if disaster strikes?

Liability Management

  • How much debt is too much?
  • When will you pay off your debt?
  • How can debt impact your business?

Asset Management

  • Do your investments keep you up at night?
  • How do you simplify your investments?
  • Do your investments meet your needs?


Robert W. Baird and Co. does not provide tax or legal advice.