Working closely with families to create custom solutions

It is my mission to provide comprehensive wealth management plans designed to focus on long-term family goals. I strive to consider the diverse needs of family members and work to unite the family in a common vision for the future. As your Financial Advisor, I will manage your wealth so it has a positive impact on your life and the lives of generations to come. As the starting point for sound investment decisions, I begin by addressing how your assets will be used to prepare sophisticated financial solutions. I then work in partnership with you to develop an integrated long-term wealth management plan that is based on asset allocation and considers the multiple aspects of your life.

The importance of asset allocation – how Baird approaches portfolio design

While it does not ensure success, asset allocation establishes the framework of an investor’s portfolio and sets forth a plan of specifically identifying where to invest one’s money. It is Baird’s opinion that asset allocation needs to be flexible enough to adapt to longer-term trends in the market. Asset allocation is important in two distinct ways. The first is from a portfolio design standpoint. In a well-constructed portfolio, there will be investments that partially offset volatility, both on the upside and downside, thus it has the potential for producing a more stable return pattern.

The second reason asset allocation is important is that it helps investors keep a long-term perspective and avoid knee-jerk reactions. Investors have a tendency to chase the best performing segments of the market and shun poor-performing areas. Asset allocation is evolving past a traditional “buy and hold” philosophy. Employing a dynamic asset allocation plan for certain clients can create a portfolio better able to handle uncertain market environments. Importantly, a solid strategic asset allocation plan remains a core strategy in Baird’s portfolio design process.