It's not just your money. It's your life.

My passion for helping others and a desire to share my unique skill set is what drove me to become a Financial Advisor.  Helping my clients’ achieve the things they want for themselves and the people they care about is what keeps me invigorated.  It is incredibly rewarding to create positive outcomes in other people's lives.

Here is what I hope for my clients:

  • Educate them, so they make informed decisions
  • Inspire them
  • Help them to evolve
  • Improve their lives
  • Help them to live at a higher standard

I have closely guided high-net-worth individuals, corporate executives and families through many market cycles, led by a thorough understanding of their unique situations and an unwavering commitment to keeping their best interests first.

Below you will find Baird's Mission, a description of our corporate culture and a quote from Robert W. Baird.  These are not just words, we truly live by these principals at Baird.  I am proud that Baird shares my dedication for wealth management, taking care of our clients and providing world-class customer service.

The Baird Mission

To provide the best financial advice and service to our clients and be the best place to work for our associates.

The Baird Culture

  • Clients come first.
  • Integrity is irreplaceable.
  • Quality is our measure of success.
  • The best financial advice is the result of expertise and teamwork.
  • How we succeed is as important as if we succeed.
  • We seek personal balance in home, work, and community involvement.

"...honesty in our business dealings and integrity in everything we do." - Robert W. Baird