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Foley Hillsley Group

The Foley Hillsley Group offers a unique approach to Wealth Management. Our PanoramaTM Process focuses on family structure, is broad in scope, and involves collaboration with experts in a variety of fields. Our clients also benefit from the extraordinary resources and talent of Baird, recognized for 13 consecutive years as one of FORTUNE'S 100 Best Companies to Work For® in America (#4 in 2017).

While many financial advisors focus on the investment consulting functions, we take a very broad approach, seeking to integrate quality investment management with other areas of financial planning, asset protection, and estate planning.


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PanoramaTM Process

Our comprehensive Wealth Management process begins with a detailed "Discovery Meeting". In this complementary consultation we sketch your family tree, discuss your aspirations, and review your investments, insurance coverage, and legal structures.

We follow that with an "Ideas & Advice" meeting, during which we present our recommendations, which may or may not include establishing an ongoing advisory relationship. If both sides are comfortable with each other and there is value we can add, we move forward with the planning process.  

We seek to advise people who are friendly, are focused on financial security, and are dealing with the complexities presented by investment portfolios of $1 million and above. 


What makes us different:

  • Dedication to market and portfolio research
  • Collaborative process that draws upon the expertise of top providers (CPAs, attorneys, insurance specialists, and more)
  • Broad scope planning
  • Attention to customer service
We are easy to reach, will be in touch frequently, and are always working to improve the client experience.

Visit our Panorama Process page for more detailed information, including a fee schedule.

Serving Exceptional People

Our clients are a diverse and interesting group of people.  A sampling would include teachers and school administrators, computer programmers, investment bankers, a social worker, physicians, a retired high school principal, an eminent guitar historian, NFL players, heads of charitable foundations, a writer, several CEOs and CFOs, a mortgage broker, private equity specialists, an artist, an architect, attorneys, entrepreneurs, homemakers, and many more interesting and accomplished people from all walks of life.