Business Exit Planning

The Foley Hillsley Group is experienced at advising business owners and business executives. They are particularly adept at guiding owners through a sale or restructuring. In addition to their own expertise, they draw upon a network of top advisors including CPA firms, law firms, consultants, business brokers, lenders and investment bankers.

Pat Foley was invited to speak at a virtual conference for entrepreneurs that included such notable keynote speakers as Peter Diamandis (author of “Abundance” and founder of the Xprize), and Verne Harnish (author of “How to Build a Meaningful Business… and Enjoy the Ride”, and founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization).

Click on Pat's picture to the right to view his presentation, entitled “Exit: Why Planning to Sell Your Business makes it a Better Business”.

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An overview of issues a business owner needs to consider when contemplating the sale of a business, with particular emphasis on how to put together a strong team of experienced exit specialists. (Read more.)
ARTICLE: “Caribbean Tax Advantages: Puerto Rico Acts 20 and 22”
By Carlos G. Amador

An overview of alluring tax incentives for investors and business owners to eliminate certain capital gains, dividends and interest income taxes in Puerto Rico and how to take advantage of them.