Our Practice

Our Wealth Management Consultative Process:
Comprehensive, Personalized, Collaborative




Wealth Management Overview 

While many financial advisors focus on the Investment Consulting functions, we take a very broad approach, seeking to integrate quality investment management with other areas of financial planning, asset protection, and estate planning.


Our process is personalized (see “Family Profile”), and highly collaborative in that we seek to integrate our work with the input of other professionals. That may mean reaching out to your current advisors (attorneys, accountants, insurance providers, etc.), or we may call upon the expertise of our own network of skilled professionals.



  Wealth Management Overview


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Create a Family Profile

The starting point for our Wealth Management Consultative Process is the Discovery Meeting where the focus is on you, your values, goals, and important relationships in your life.  This leads to the creation of the Family Profile, a graphical representation of your personal “big picture”, and a key point of reference for the rest of our process.


Family Profile 

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Wealth Management Process 

Our Discovery Meeting will help to determine if we are a good fit for you as Wealth Managers, and is the first in a series of meetings in our advisory process. Should you engage us as your advisors, our regular progress reviews will allow us to guide you over time as your life, goals, and circumstances change. 



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Lifetime Strategic Planning

With input from our Advisory Network of experts, we begin to craft a Strategic Planning checklist, which allows us to chart progress and set goals touching on all areas of the Wealth Management Process. 

Lifetime Strategic Planning

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Family Wealth Organizer

This binder provides an easy way to organize your personal financial documents.  It includes a Personal Information Guide, in which you record contact information for key advisors, summary of bank and other financial accounts, insurance information, and so forth.  There is sleeve for your Family Profile and a “map” we provide of your various investment accounts, as well as sleeves for performance reports, bank and investment statements, estate documents and more.  It serves as a handy reference guide for you, can provide backup documentation in the event of data loss (including from cyber-attacks), and is an invaluable resource for family members in the event that you are no longer around, or otherwise become unable to manage your finances.



Ideas & Advice Service

We offer the first two steps in our Process - the Discovery Meeting and the Ideas & Advice Meeting - as a way to get to know our team and gain a feel for our approach. This service allows you to “test drive” our guidance with no pressure whatsoever to move into an ongoing engagement.


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