PanoramaTM Process:
A Collaborative and Comprehensive System of Wealth Management

Let us organize your finances, so you have more time to focus on the important things in life.

Our goal is to provide families with investable assets of $1 million and above a service model and investment methodology typically available only to ultra-high net worth investors. Our approach is collaborative, utilizing an Advisory Network of outside experts including attorneys, accountants, insurance specialists, trust companies, lenders, and more.

Our proprietary PanoramaTM Process incorporates comprehensive planning, frequent communication, and sophisticated portfolio construction. Details about our unusual approach are provided below.

Comprehensive Planning

What is important to you and your family? Our approach is designed to organize and simplify your complex financial situation, freeing you to focus on what matters most. Steps we take on your behalf include:

  • Creation of a Family Profile, a graphical representation of your "big picture"
  • Crafting of a Financial Plan (projections of retirement income and goal fulfillment)
  • Structuring of Investment Portfolio
  • Review of life insurance, liability insurance, and property insurance coverage 
  • Coordination with other advisors (attorneys, CPA, etc.)
  • Estate plan analysis
  • "Map" (graphical summary) of investment accounts 
  • Retirement income plan (depicting income flow from investment holdings and other sources)
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Social Security Analysis (help with deciding when to turn on Social Security income)
  • Family Wealth Organizer (a binder that organizes family finances in an easily accessible format)

Frequent Communication

  • Weekly emails including market commentary from Strategas, Baird's award-winning macro research group
  • Monthly service calls
  • Annual or bi-annual in-person reviews
  • Foley Hillsley Group Events – annual programming that is educational, entertaining, and philanthropic 

Visit, the companion website for our book Winning at Retirement, for resources and news stories related to retirement.    

Sophisticated Portfolio Construction

The Foley Hillsley Group seeks to protect and grow assets by combining tactical investment strategies with high levels of diversification, including the use of alternative investments such as hedge funds, managed futures, and private equity portfolios. 


New Client Experience 

Our Discovery Meeting will help to determine if we are a good fit for you as Wealth Managers, and is the first in a series of meetings in our advisory process. Should you engage us as your advisors, our regular progress reviews will allow us to guide you over time as your life, goals, and circumstances change. 


Foley Hillsley Group Fee Schedule

In most cases the Foley Hillsley Group applies an annual management fee (paid quarterly) for their services, as described in this schedule. Some exceptions apply, such as with accounts used to purchase initial public offerings (IPOs) and other underwritings, and in situations where a commission model is preferred by or is more advantageous for a client.

Give us a call at (610)238-6637 if you have questions about our fee schedule or about any other aspect of the Panorama Process, or to schedule an initial meeting.


(Above $15 million please inquire)

Family Wealth Organizer

This binder provides an easy way to organize your personal financial documents.  It includes a Personal Information Guide, in which you record contact information for key advisors, summary of bank and other financial accounts, insurance information, and so forth.  There is sleeve for your Family Profile and a “map” we provide of your various investment accounts, as well as sleeves for performance reports, bank and investment statements, estate documents and more.  It serves as a handy reference guide for you, can provide backup documentation in the event of data loss (including from cyber-attacks), and is an invaluable resource for family members in the event that you are no longer around, or otherwise become unable to manage your finances.


Ideas & Advice Service

We offer the first two steps in our Process - the Discovery Meeting and the Ideas & Advice Meeting - as a way to get to know our team and gain a feel for our approach. This service allows you to “test drive” our guidance with no pressure whatsoever to move into an ongoing engagement.


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