My Practice

Providing Sound Financial Advice & Guidance that Aligns with your Values & Goals.

Financial Planning Based Investment Strategies.

As a Certified Financial Advisor (CFP®), I follow the CFP® Board’s Professional Responsibility and Code of Ethical.  Using best practices and acting as a fiduciary, I work with clients to create and implement long term strategies that align your investing goals and objectives.  Please visit to learn more about the importance of working with a CFP®.  I help you stay on your plan and navigate your investments for the long run.

Your financial goals are driven by your heart.  Only once you understand what is important to you can you create a financial plan.  I recognize and embrace that your heart drives your financial decisions.  I can show you mathematically and academically the best strategies.  However, the best strategy for you will feel right and align with your values and goals.

Managing Risk.
It's not all about getting the highest return!  I listen to you and help you understand your risk tolerance.  I help you implement a long term strategy that manages your risk and keep moving toward your goals.

The following are areas that I have specialized knowledge and experience.

Transitional Wealth. Life offers many surprises. During those stressful times of transition in people’s lives, I work with clients to create a financial game plan.  I review the current financial situation and make recommendations how to get through the short-term challenges of the transition.  Together, we take a fresh look at long term goals and objectives and create a plan to achieve those goals. You can make better career decisions if you understand the financial impact of those decisions. For women in transition, I host a Professional Women’s Networking Event. I offer opportunities to connect and with professionals and recruiters to help in the career search.

Marriage and Money.  Everyone has their own relationship with money.  You love that person, but do you understand how they manage money is different fromyou? As couples decide to get married, I create a join financial plan to help set joint goals and a plan for success.  Understanding the implications of estate planning and inheritance is important.   I work with couples to understand their relationship with money and guide them to use strategies to help combine financial worlds.

Domestic Partners. As an accredited domestic partner advisor (ADPA®), I help clients understand the complexity of their financial situation and how to plan for retirement.

Financial Organization.  I want my clients to take control of their financial lives.  I help my clients consolidate their finances and understand where their money is and how it is working toward their goal.  I work to create a “Grab and Go” binder which consolidates your financial statements and estate planning documents which is critical in an emergency. 

Financial Education.  It’s important to understand your financial world and I strive to educate people on their money.  I teach classes in retirement which includes investment strategies to reach your goals.  I offer many educational events and classes.  I work closely with the children of my clients to engage them with their own finances to help them understand their own long-term goals.