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Providing Sound Financial Advice & Guidance that Aligns with your Values & Goals.

As a former engineer, I understand the importance of details I understand that the pros and cons of every decision can help you make better choices for your life. My analytical nature drives me to scrutinize every recommendation I make for my clients.

As a professional who has personally experienced job transition
I understand the emotional and financial impact that both job change and retirement can have on your life. While it can create tremendous stress and anxiety, if managed properly it can also become a great opportunity to reassess your life and the direction you want to take.

Therefore, my true value as your Financial Advisor is to share knowledge of my personal experience and insights with transitional events, balancing the experience, skills, and analytical nature of an engineer to help you find your direction with clarity, confidence and optimism you need.

About Haly

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As a Financial Advisor at Baird, I work with professionals and executives, most of which are engineers. They have worked hard, saved well and are often preparing for retirement or job change. They want to have a strategic plan that leverages what they have created and prepares them for a comfortable future. They want an advisor that is detail oriented and proactive by nature. 

In addition to being a financial advisor, I volunteer my time to do workshops with various networking groups to serve unemployed and underemployed professionals throughout the Milwaukee area.

As a successful professional, I have learned the importance of building a trusted network to rely on for knowledge, competence and expertise. This allows you to focus all your efforts on what you do best - without letting important issues fall through the cracks. This is a key to success.

As a professional who personally experienced job transition, I understand the emotional and financial impact this can have on your life. While it can create tremendous stress and anxiety, it can also be a great opportunity to assess your life and the direction you want to take it.

After graduating from Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1985 with a BS in Electrical Engineering, I married my lab partner Mike. We currently live in Cedarburg with our menagerie of pets.  We have three adult children and one awesome grandson!  We love being active in Cedarburg as well as regular walks and bike rides in our small community.

My strong passion for music keeps me busy playing flute in the Lakeshore Symphonic Band. Because of my strong commitment to the community, I volunteer for local organizations and have served with many community organizations, including being a former Cedarburg City Council Member for four years, as well as former Girl Scout and Boy Scout leader.

My family extends across the world through my activities with AFS.  We have hosted students from Czech Republic, Austria, Japan, Finland, Sweden, South Africa and Pakistan.  I volunteer to provide support for all AFS families and their students in the Milwaukee area.

Health and fitness are extremely important to me.  Although I've been a vegetarian for over 25 years, I recently began a new passion for exercise which include triathlons, swimming meets as well as bike tours.

Brianna Hoskins

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