Planning Tools

Check out some questionnaires listed below created to assist in gathering the data necessary to create an asset allocation analysis and/or a financial plan. Each questionnaire is unique and designed to be used for different goals and planning situations.

This questionnaire is the most comprehensive questionnaire available and is used to do a goal funding analysis for retirement, education, and all other spending goals.
This condensed questionnaire is for those cases where the focus is retirement planning, although other goal information can be provided.
This questionnaire is used to prepare an analysis of a client’s current asset allocation as well as to understand their risk tolerance in order to develop an allocation recommendation.
This condensed questionnaire is for those cases where education funding is the only goal in the plan.

Education Planning Questionnaire
This questionnaire can be for parents looking to save for tuition, individuals who hope to have children in the future, and/or grandparents looking to make a gift to a grandchild.

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