My Practice

Investment Philosophy

We have guided individuals, families, business owners, executives and charitable organizations through a variety of market environments. As investors, we are disciplined, active and value-oriented, focusing on downside risk and favoring structural simplicity and secure dividends. As advisors, we view each client relationship as uniquely personal, and seek to provide comprehensive wealth management solutions that are customized to your vision for the future. We work collaboratively with your attorneys and tax advisors, so you can be confident your broader financial plans are all working in concert toward your goals.


Our approach to investing is designed to provide solutions and strategies specifically tailored to your goals and ongoing advice and due diligence to help simplify your financial life:

  • First, we gather information about you to better understand your complete financial picture. 
  • We then work with you to identify goals and objectives, prioritize them in terms of importance and timeframe, and determine the amount of risk you're comfortable with. 
  • Taking the above into consideration, we look for gaps and opportunities.
  • Next, we recommend a custom solution and, with your trust and confidence, implement it in accordance with the guidelines you help us to set. 
  • We consistently review your portfolio and measure performance to make adjustments as changes occur in the markets. 
  • On an ongoing bases, we help keep your investments aligned with your plans.