Coach. Confidante. Caretaker.

As your wealth advisor I approach my engagement with you in these three ways.

Coach. Your financial life is an extension of your life. The pathway you seek is your gameplan. As your coach, I collaborate with you as the player to find the best approach that fits your needs, goals and objective. My playbook is very thick with many different plays relating to successful "games" I have navigated as well as the multiple types of players I have helped succeed. Helping you navigate the financial decisions so that you can feel more confident of these decisions.

Confidante. Dreams, Hopes, Desires, Fears, Concerns, Worries. The most successful people I have known have expressed all of these. As your confidante, I work to improve the odds of the outcome of the first three and diminish and reduce the impact of the last three. My role is to help build towards positive and realistic outcomes. I revisit these dreams and fears regularly as your life changes to provide opportunities and to manage adversities.

Caretaker. As a fiduciary, your wealth is extremely important to me. Care and prudent management of your financial assets as well as the myriad of other items that impact your total wealth is my one mission.