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Individuals and Couples, Business Owners, Retirees Seeking:

Rejuvenating & Reinventing Your Current Retirement:

  • Improving your life plan by impacting the present and future in your current chapter
    1. Comprehensive Review –Priorities in your financial plan

    2. Distribution planning – IRAs, Roth IRAs, Pensions, Social Security

    3. Risk Management – Health and Life and Care Needs

    4. Estate Planning- Financial Order, Management


Recommended Reading:

  • “Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D.

  • “The New Retirementality” by Mitch Anthony

  • “The Seven Stages of Money Maturity: Understanding the Spirit and Value of Money in your life” by George Kinder

  • “Decisive-Make-Better-Choices” by Dan Heath & Chip Heath

An Advisor to Business Owners:

  • CEPA – Certified Exit Planning Analysis – What and how can this help you?

  • Considering the future and where to go from here? A desire to review the bigger picture outside of the business? Big picture review of your business strategy – succession plan or non-succession plan and helping you to form sound strategies that work for you.

  • Team Management – Advisory Board Collaboration.

  • Concentration Risk, Insurance impact.

  • Ownership/Sale/Gifting

Resources: Value Acceleration by the EPI – how to build and extract more value.

Un Retirement Planner:

  • Considering a change in career, new business, part time employment with additional schooling? Creating your own “shift” or encore career and need to map out your financial strategy?

    1. Comprehensive Review –Priorities in your financial plan

    2. Income and Expense Management – Bridging financially into your next career

    3. Risk Management – Health , Life, Disability, Liability

    4. Self-Employment: Review the pros/cons - on all levels

Recommended Reading:


  • “Unretirement” by Chris Farrell

  • "The Encore Career Handbook" by Marci Alboher

Planning Concerns for the Aging Population: A Framework for Client and Family Discussions:

Six major areas that are affect seniors and their families:

Cognitive and Physchological

Link to Financial Planning Association article- FPA Aging Population
Caregiver Checklist- Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia Caregiver Checklist

Next Generation Planning:

Developing an approach to help you hit the ground running as you establish the foundation that will support you the rest of your life

    1. Entering The Real World - Emergency Fund, Establishing a Budget, Student Loan Debt
    2. The Accumulation Stage - Buying a Home, Starting a Family, Risk Management

Other Resources:

Review our Events Tab for ongoing Wealth Strategies Webinars (Housing, Social Security, Medicare, Income Planning.)

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