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What is BairdOnline?

Baird Online is your secure, online portal where you can link, view and track all your financial accounts, providing you a complete picture of your net worth while managing your day-to-day finances and keeping you on track to meet your wealth management goals. 



What is 360 Wealth?

A secure online service on Baird Online where you can view all your finances in one place.

  • Link a variety of non-Baird accounts to give you a holistic view of your financial wellness, including:
    • Checking/Savings
    • 401(k)
    • Credit/Debit Cards
    • Home/Real Estate
    • Assets/Liabilities
  • View a comprehensive Net Worth Statement
  • Track changes in your portfolio
  • Manage and view your current month budget, spending and cash flow

Need help getting started?  Give our team a call at (414) 765-1450.



Subject Experts for Advanced Planning and Analysis

Meet some of our extended team members we consult with regularly to serve our clients.

AntonelliMike_fb300.jpg CareyKathy_fb300.jpg Baird_Scott Grenier blue background_2_ - Copy.jpg Kelsey Clair.png
Michael Antonelli
PWM Market Strategist

Kathy Carey
Director of PWM Research & Planning
Scott Grenier
Manager- Financial & Estate Planning

Kelsey Clair, CPA
Tax Strategist
Baird_Jamie D. Awe.png AudreyBlanke.png Baird_Jeannette Haen.png Erica Kroll.jpg
Jamie Awe
Senior Annuity Specialist

Audrey Blanke CFP
Financial Planner
Financial & Estate Planning
Jeannette Haen
Senior 529 & UIT Specialist
Erica Kroll
Senior Insurance Specialist