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Mary Strickland

Mary Strickland, CFP®

Vice President

PHONE: 608-252-5714

TOLL-FREE: 800-937-8625

ADDRESS:  One S. Pinckney St., Ste. 600, Madison,  WI  53703

Retire Well

I encourage women and families to take control of their finances; I want to ensure that all of my clients are able to retire well. Below are some tips and strategies to get you on the right track to retirement.


Forbes – A retirement Withdrawal Strategy That Can Save Your Sanity - One of the biggest mental shifts new retirees have to make is the sudden change that takes place when they go from accumulation mode to withdrawal mode. It’s a major adjustment that can leave some retirees feeling stressed and unprepared for certain aspects of their financial transition. (Read more)

Wall Street Journal – How Men and Women Want Different Things in Retirement - Spending more quality time with your partner is one reason to retire, right? Well, that may depend on whether you ask a man or a woman—and the difference may be a warning sign for men. (Read more)

Forbes - Three Ways to Kick Retirement Savings Into High Gear - You know you need to do it. You know it really matters. Yet retirement savings often falls to the bottom of the list in our bustling family and work lives. (Read more)

Baird - Debunking Social Security Myths - Social Security can be one of the most complex government programs to understand and there are many myths about its rules, taxation and benefits. March’s Wealth Management Insights investigates a few of these common misunderstandings about Social Security and what you need to know if you’re thinking about taking benefits. (Read more)

Baird - Taking Care - In addition to the physical and emotional challenges of caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, caregivers face unique practical challenges that result from managing a loved one’s financial, legal and healthcare affairs. April’s Wealth Management Insights shares tips on how caregivers can approach these important financial planning responsibilities. (Read more)

The Biggest Surprises in Retirement - Wall Street Journal did a survey about unexpected aspects of retirement and got great feedback. Many responded saying their savings have held up well, although Medicare was more expensive than expected. Many spoke about taking up different hobbies and taking risks during retirement. Many reported that a key factor in their financial success was eliminating debt before leaving the workforce. The major two complaints were regarding high Medicare premiums and household expenses being larger than expected. (Read more)