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Women in Investing

I strive to provide the best service to my clients by utilizing Baird’s resources. I also promote networking by hosting events for women in the Madison community, called “Women on the Square.” These events urge women to, “Be informed, be engaged, be empowered,” with their finances. I’ve linked several articles that help women to be in control of their finances.

Baird - Resources for Women Investors - Today, women control the majority of personal wealth in the United States. In working with many successful women over the years, we’ve found they share strengths and face common challenges as investors. (Read more)

Forbes – Did You Know Women Have These Advantages As Entrepreneurs? - With the nearly-impenetrable glass ceiling, wage inequality, and hostile workplace environments, it can be extremely difficult for a woman to make her mark and rise to the top. Yet there is one area of the business world where women have made significant strides, and that is as small business entrepreneurs. (Read more)

Forbes – Five critical Retirement Moves All Women Should Make Now - It seems like nearly every month, there’s more bad news about the finances of women. A host of new research shows just how behind men we are when it comes to money. (Read more)

Forbes - Are Women the Key to Better Investment Performance? There are countless factors that impact investment performance. Research shows the gender of a money manager is among them. Women only account for about 5% of money managers. However, women’s returns exceed their male counterparts. (Read more)

WSJ - Business Schools Are Fighting to Recruit Top Women – Facing waning interest from women in business degrees, business schools are rolling out new programs to attract more female candidates. (Read more)

Baird – Addressing Women’s Wealth Management Needs - Investors typically have the same financial priorities, regardless of gender – they want to provide for their families, save for their children’s education and maintain their lifestyle in retirement. However, while their goals may be the same, women have financial concerns that most men do not – concerns that need to be accounted for when drafting a comprehensive financial plan. (Read more)

Women on the Square

Women on the Square Event

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Mary & Sallie Krawcheck Former Pres. of Smith Barney PWM

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