Women in Investing

I strive to provide the best service to my clients by utilizing Baird’s resources. I also promote networking by hosting events for women in the Madison community, called “Women on the Square.” These events urge women to, “Be informed, be engaged, be empowered,” with their finances. I’ve linked several articles that help women to be in control of their finances.

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NYT – Money is Power. And Women Need More of Both. – Women have been challenging the sexual status quo, pursuing power like never before. Unfortunately, they are facing a barrier: money. Studies have shown that what separates women from men in wealth is that women view money as a means to help others rather than to increase their own profile. (Read more)

CNBC – Here Are 5 Ways Women Can Invest In Closing The Wealth Gap - How do women break the investment barrier in ways that can lead to lifelong financial independence? Women are generally very confident in many forms of financial wellness; however, they still fall behind men in accumulating real wealth. This article suggests several ways that women can take action in closing this wealth gap. (Read more)

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Forbes – Women, Wealth, and Power: The Emerging Paradigm
- Women are changing the nature of power and achieving success on their own terms. Instead of being motivated by profit, once women are financially secure they are motivated by the opportunity to make a difference. (Read more)

Forbes – 4 Steps Women Can Take To Conquer The $1 Million Earnings Gap Before They Retire - Being that women typically earn less than men and take more time out of the work force, their earnings and retirement savings are often reduced. By being more strategic about their earnings and seeking the right advice, women can improve their financial outlook. (Read more)

Baird - Resources for Women Investors - Today, women control the majority of personal wealth in the United States. In working with many successful women over the years, we’ve found they share strengths and face common challenges as investors. (Read more)

Mary & Sallie Krawcheck Former Pres. of Smith Barney PWM

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