Our Practice

"We work to deliver the very best wealth management experience that a person or family could possibly get in the United States of America.”

Are we the right fit for your family? 

Many times, advisors will make a list of clients they are well suited to serve:  retirees, business owners, widows, etc.  At The McIntosh Group, we take a different approach, if you read this list and we're talking your language, we'd love to get to know you! 

  • We believe that people who seek advice do well in life.  We personally have a list of trusted professionals in our lives, from our mechanics to our CPAs, and want to be our clients trusted giver of financial advice. 
  • We believe that educated individuals and families make good long term investment decisions.  And family units who work together to understand and manage their finances are most successful. 
  • We believe that people who make paying down debt a priority, and then live a debt free lifestyle can best build wealth.  
  • We believe that wealth is built by being an owner, not a lender.  Ownership can take many forms, from owning a business to owning stock. 
  • We want to work with families to seek advice and want to be educated about the markets.  Our goal is for you to understand why the markets work the way that they do, so that you can stay the course when periods of volatility happen.  We build long term plans around a debt free lifestyle, with investments centered in ownership and moderation. 

Our Client Promise 

When you become our client, we recognize that you are entrusting us with more than just your money, we’re playing a large role in the outcome of your future.  At the McIntosh Group, we recognize the responsibility we take on with our client promise.

  • We promise to always care for you and your family.  We’ll celebrate success and be there when times are hard. 
  • We promise to always put your interests ahead of our own, not simply because it is required by the law, but because we have a moral obligation to do so. 
  • We promise to always do our due diligence before making any recommendation that may impact your future.  We cannot guarantee the outcome, but we will always be thorough when selecting investments and making recommendations. 
  • We promise to always be available for you.  Your life does not exist on a 9-5 timetable.  Our team is structured so that you can reach one of us at any time. The things that are important to you are important to us. 
  • We promise to proactively communicate with you, even when the market is down, especially when the market is down! 
  • We promise to work collectively with the other professionals in your life to create a comprehensive wealth management experience that allows you to worry less and enjoy life more. 
  • We promise to always respect what makes you and your family unique in an open and honest way.  And we will strive to ensure you always feel comfortable working with us.  
  • We promise to never stop learning, and to always make it our goal to be better tomorrow than we are today, to provide you the best service you can find anywhere from a wealth management team.