My Profile

I am a personal CFO to a select group of wonderful clients, a certified portfolio manager, author, and speaker on the missing component of a financial plan. Most of the entrepreneurs and retirees I speak to not only need guidance and order with their finances but struggle to address the most important issue of health and longevity. Working with entrepreneurs for 25 years, I’ve discovered that without addressing their most important asset, all that they’ve worked for could be for not.

My In-House Team

Gayle Montano

Client Assistant

Sandra Griffin

Client Assistant

Brennon Moore

Client Assistant

Scott Grenier

Manager of Financial and Estate Planning

Chris Dolan

Senior Financial Planner

Rick Holman

Senior Estate Planner

Leo Whitt

Business Owner Solutions Managing Director

Nic Reisenbichler

Manager of Investment Products

Katherine Schoen

Vice President Baird Capital-US Private Equity