Institutional Investment Consulting

Institutional investors face many unique issues, and we offer solutions based on experience and deep expertise. We understand that as members of foundations, endowments, corporate, and religious institution investment committees you have a significant responsibility with respect to the assets under your care and you may not have the time, resources or expertise required to develop, implement, and monitor a disciplined, long-range investment strategy.

That's where we can help. We are able to take an independent and consultative approach to seeking out effective investment solutions. With the use of state-of-the-art technology and investment knowledge, we deliver a disciplined decision-making process that institutional investors have employed for decades in managing their investments.


We will work with you to design an Investment Policy Statement and Asset Allocation strategy suited to your needs, preferences and goals. Using your Investment Policy Statement as a guide, we will recommend a selection of professional portfolio manager(s) who meet Investment Consulting Service’s stringent standards and are appropriate for your investment strategy. Once the plan is implemented, we will monitor your investment strategy and the performance of the selected portfolio manager(s) as well as recommend adjustments as conditions warrant.