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About Private Asset Management


For generations, high-net-worth families and individuals have relied on private family offices to manage their financial affairs and provide trusted counsel. The Private Asset Management Group at Baird serves these same functions today, partnering with business owners and corporate executives to manage their most important financial affairs – those that affect the people and causes they care about. We oversee our clients’ complete financial picture so they can enjoy the financial security they’ve earned.

Private Asset Management is an exclusive group of seasoned Financial Advisors. Backed by Baird's extensive resources and industry relationships, we employ innovative strategies to address sophisticated financial goals, including special family, business and philanthropic interests.

Drawing on diverse, deep expertise and more than 60 years of combined industry experience, our team applies proven academic portfolio design concepts to a thorough understanding of our clients’ values and goals. The result is a uniquely personal wealth plan that helps each client sustain financial stability and attain peace of mind.


How We Work

Our team develops custom monetization strategies designed to help clients achieve efficient transfer of their equity. We achieve this through intensive collaboration with a broad team of experts and combining the best quantitative research with qualitative emotional understanding.

Our overarching goal is always to help our clients make informed decisions with their money. And because the wisdom of any financial decision is dictated in part by each investor’s distinct values and goals, we begin our work by conducting a comprehensive assessment of each client's current financial situation, future aspirations and personal preferences. This information informs our initial quantitative analysis, helping us to identify optimal rates of return and anticipated risk levels. From there, we develop and recommend strategies designed to optimize and diversify the portfolio while achieving the client's goals.

Once implemented, our portfolios are closely monitored for performance to ensure they remain on track with clients' long-term goals. We meet with each client on a regular basis to discuss performance, answer questions and make any adjustments necessary. We have found this consistent communication to be essential for clients to reap the rewards of a scientifically disciplined long-term approach.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our direct links to both the academic and professional communities provide a large body of original research and thought leadership that supports existing investment strategy and helps lay the foundation for the innovation of new approaches.

All of our portfolio recommendations are based on multi-class investing, a time tested approach which aims to manage risk while maximizing gains. We use a combination of strategic and tactical allocations in our portfolios to make the best use of all available tools and opportunities. The result is a portfolio that aims for solid long-term rates of return while keeping expenses low.


Our Clients


We work with clients for whom we can add significant value and make a real and lasting difference in realizing their financial goals. Our clients seek to protect and grow their assets. In order to provide a high level of personalized attention to each person, we work with a limited client base.




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