Planning Process

The Palm Group employs a consultative client management process. This process is a series of five meetings precisely orchestrated to result in the maximum benefit for our clients. It is a proactive method of cementing long-term relationships with our clients.


Step 1: Discovery Meeting

In our initial meeting we will distinguish ourselves from other advisors by getting to know you on a personal level. It is our goal to discover your overarching wants and needs. We will conduct an interview discussing eight specific areas of your life: General Information, Goals, Interests, Relationships, Current Assets, Advisors, Investment Philosophy, & the Process with which you would like to work with us. Only when we truly listen and understand you can we make the determination if The Palm Group is the right fit for you.

Step 2: Investment Plan Meeting

At this meeting, we will present you with a complete analysis of your current financial situation and our recommendations for achieving your goals. This investment plan will serve as a roadmap for all of our work together. We look to build life-long relationships with our clients, so we ask that you hold off on making a decision at this point. We want you to have the peace-of-mind that you are completely comfortable with your investment plan before we move forward.

Step 3: Mutual Commitment Meeting

It is at this point that we make the mutual commitment to work together. We answer any final concerns you may have about the investment plan and help you execute all of the necessary paperwork.

Step 4: 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting

In the weeks following, you can get a bit overwhelmed with all of the new paperwork. This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our exceptional level of service. We'll help you understand what you have been receiving, as well as help you get it all organized. You will leave this meeting with a clear understanding of how your investments are positioned.

Step 5: Regular Progress Meetings

At your preference, we will hold these meetings periodically to review your current financial situation. This will give us an opportunity to discuss any major changes in your personal or financial life and determine if we need to make any adjustments to your investment plan. At minimum, these meetings will be held annually.