My Story

Everyone’s personal story leads them down a particular path in life. I’d like to share a bit about my journey and how it created my passion for helping women live a confident, financially rewarding life.  

My Mom has always been intricately involved with money management due to her past experiences growing up. Her parents lost their home during the Great Depression and struggled with housing for 13 long years, even living in a chicken coop when Mom was a baby to have a roof over their heads. Mom was 15 when her father was injured on the job which meant he had difficulty contributing to the household. He worked various odd jobs and there were many times Grandma struggled to make ends meet. These experiences became ingrained in my Mother, and she was determined to avoid such challenges in her own future.

She later married my Father and became the Mother of six children, the home manager, the investment decision-maker and the budget keeper. Throughout my childhood it was common to overhear my parents routinely discuss money, budgeting and savings. Mom even made a conscious choice to share her experiences, not to scare us, but with the distinct purpose of helping us understand the value that comes with financial freedom. We were taught being smart with your money allows you to plan for the unexpected and make better informed, confident financial decisions for your future.  

As a Wealth Manager, I’ve learned it is common for women to have a role in the household budget, however not as common for them to be as actively engaged as my Mother is with the investment decision making. For that reason, Team Paula embraces Women’s Wealth with the goal of deepening women’s understanding of the investment process and increasing their financial confidence. With my Mother as inspiration, I created the Savvy Women Club in 2011 with a primary focus of doing just that - helping all women become investment savvy to make smart decisions with their wealth.

Today, Team Paula specializes in managing wealth for a select group of affluent women and successful families planning for or currently experiencing a life event such as retirement, loss of a loved one, job change or sudden financial windfall. We build, manage and preserve wealth for years to come, providing our clients the financial independence to focus on the things that bring them joy and happiness in life.

Those who benefit most from working with us value our processes and services. They enjoy working together with a comprehensive Wealth Management Team and are seeking personal attention to growing or maintaining their financial lifestyle. They have $1,000,000 or more of investable assets.