Whether you are the CEO of your family or a single woman, the Savvy Women Club encourages you to embrace your financial FREEDOM like never before. 

Growing up, I witnessed my Mother's intricate involvement in building her family's wealth over time by making smart decisions with their money, gaining a sense of freedom she and my Father achieved from those choices. This inspired me to create a community designed to broaden women's financial knowledge, help them gain a clearer understanding of what their wealth can do for them, prepare for the unexpected as well as the expected, and provide educational tools to help them achieve their wealth vision. 

With my Mother as my inspiration, I created the Savvy Women Club (SWC) in 2011 with the intent of helping women be proactive in their financial lives. We elevate women's confidence and provide clarity surrounding financial topics. The SWC describes our membership benefits using the word FREEDOM:



• FIND financial clarity and direction
• REACH higher levels of confidence with every decision 
• ENGAGE in ongoing educational and specialty events
• EXPERIENCE other SWC members who support & encourage financial competence 
• DEVELOP knowledge to offset the unexpected
• ORGANIZE financial affairs making life simpler 
• MANAGE life decisions knowing no stone has been left unturned 

Check out our exclusive SWC educational webinars where I host a variety of financial topics all aimed at providing additional clarity and insight. We post them routinely to the Events Page of our website so anyone can listen when it's most convenient.

In addition, the SWC also offers a "By Invitation Only" Specialty Event once a year to build friendships and camaraderie with other like-minded women. SWC membership is complimentary to Paula R. Chesser's women clients and members are encouraged to bring guests who could benefit from our Wealth Management Team's processes and services

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