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Our Strong Position Reflects Client Focus, Long-Term View

Baird's Position of Strength  

We know that no two clients are exactly alike. Each is unique and deserves special attention and expertise in the creation and delivery of custom financial solutions.

Baird creates solutions to meet each individual client’s specific needs. Yet, behind every Baird solution, you will find the same core principles at work:

  • Clients come first.
  • Integrity is irreplaceable.
  • Quality is our measure of success.
  • The best financial advice is the result of expertise and teamwork.
  • How we succeed is as important as if we succeed.
As an employee owned and independent firm, built on Midwestern values, we have been dedicated to putting clients’ interests first since 1919.

Our Practice:

Our practice provides sophisticated wealth management for affluent families and retirees who wish to work with an experienced, trusted professional practice or wish to take advantage of services available through Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.

Typically, my new clients:

  • Are seeking a custom-tailored approach, a trustworthy advisory team, excellent communication, and a comfortable relationship with their financial advisor.
  • Are very concerned about poor communication from their current advisor, bad advice/poor performance, and lack of a personalized approach.
  • Are seeking an overall financial strategy for creating and growing wealth, protecting and preserving their wealth, and planning for the distribution of their wealth in life and at death in a tax-efficient manner.
  • Would like a financial advisory team with a wealth of experience and training, and who have access to advanced portfolio management tools.
We utilize an objective, client-centric approach after determining our clients' financial goals, and we specialize in using the latest money management tools and resources to serve our clients. We communicate with our clients regularly to update them and reallocate their investment portfolios to best take advantage of market conditions.

Mission Statement:

We utilize our expertise in the areas of asset allocation, estate planning services, retirement planning, college education funding, gifting, tax efficiencies, and many other areas in order to educate and guide our clients on ways to grow and preserve wealth through disciplined financial planning, portfolio management, and asset allocation.

By offering an experienced perspective on the history of the capital markets, we seek to remove emotion from the investment process. Accordingly – through advice and the service – we focus on managing risk in an effort to free clients from the anxieties and fears inherent in dealing with money. This freedom from monetary concern creates time – our most valuable commodity.

If we save people time, reduce worry, and help them achieve their financial objectives, then we add value to their lives.