Our Practice

We take a comprehensive approach to our practice.  It's not just about the numbers; it's
about the people.  It's important to us to take a lot of time to really get to know our clients
before providing advice. 
This means completing a comprehensive lifestyle plan for new clients before providing any
advice on things like investments , insurance planning, risk management, savings strategies,
and/or estate planning strategies.  We know each client is unique and we know each client 
worked hard to achieve their wealth; therefore each client deserves a customized approach.

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Fiduciary Standards

We are often asked if we can serve in a fiduciary capacity.  While we are technically held to
a fiduciary standard with only some of the services we offer, we do approach all client
interactions with this standard in mind.  In our opinion, doing what's right for the client is
the only way to do business.