Our Practice

Our clients partner with us to preserve and build their wealth, not create it. As a result, our investment philosophy is:

  • Focus portfolios on amount of risk taken, not returns desired.
  • Prioritize participating in the markets higher than attempting to beat the markets.
  • Have a preference towards liquid investments over illiquid investments.
  • Simplicity is preferred over complexity. Complexity often benefits Wall Street, not our clients.
  • Always be income and estate tax aware.
  • The markets have taught even the most successful investors lessons in humility.

Our approach to investing is designed to provide solutions and strategies specifically tailored to your goals and ongoing advice and due diligence to help simplify your financial life:

  • First, we gather information about you to better understand your complete financial picture.
  • We then work with you to identify goals and objectives, prioritize them in terms of importance and timeframe, and determine the amount of risk you're comfortable with.
  • Taking the above into consideration, we look for gaps and opportunities.
  • We will draw on our own expertise and the considerable resources of Baird – including industry-leading equity research, top product selection specialists and leading experts in tax, retirement, insurance and estate planning – to evaluate your investment options.
  • We will recommend an investment solution and, with your trust and confidence, implement it in accordance with the Investment Policy Guidelines you help us to set.
  • We consistently review your portfolio and measure performance to make adjustments as changes occur in the markets.
  • We provide ongoing management and oversight to help keep your investments aligned with your plans as your personal situation evolves.