Goals Based Planning and Client Focus

We find that our typical client relationship begins in one of four phases of their financial life. 

Establishing a Foundation for Success. Many medical professionals and young professionals approach us as they are grappling things like student loans, renting or buying a home, understanding insurance needs or building their family. We enjoy working on these early situations as we know that our input and guidance can make a substantial impact throughout the rest of a client’s life. 

Pre-Retirement Improvements. A number of clients begin working with us when they are making job changes and are beginning to envision an end to their working career. For these situations, Financial Planning and establishing a course of action is vital. Ideally, we would have five or more years to work with you prior to retirement as those final few years can provide substantial opportunities to improve or clarify your post-retirement goals.

At Retirement. Working with clients all the way through retirement allows us to provide guidance on withdrawal and retirement income strategies. Decisions like when to start Social Security, how much to withdraw from investments and which accounts to use; are not simple to make. We enjoy the challenge of working on these complex problems and find the financial and cash flow planning focus of our practice very valuable to these questions.

Preparing for a Transition. Lasting wealth is built and cared for over decades, helping clients effectively and efficiently pass along hard earned assets to those they care about is an honor for our team. For business owners, that transition to the next generation of ownership can be difficult. We find taking a collaborative approach by working with your team of trusted advisors (attorneys, accountants, business advisors, bankers) leads to the best end result. Our team won the Kasten Private Wealth Management award from Baird in 2010 for our collaboration on a complex family business which ended in an elegant solution each of the family members could enjoy for years to come.