Baird Wealth Strategies (BWS)

Baird Wealth Strategies is a program that offers live education and insights on timely wealth management topics. Please see the below list of upcoming and past topics and feel free to register for the most recent topic as it interests or provides value to you.

Please note dates, times and topics are subject to change.

Upcoming Events

Topic: Medicare - Getting the Most From Your Benefits
Date: 10/16/19 @ 12pm CST

How to prepare and plan for Medicare plays a prominent role in your overall financial plan, especially as you plan for retirement.
Please join us as Baird Senior Financial Planner Brian Ellenbecker discusses the costs and benefits of Medicare plans, as well as how to enroll.
You will also learn more about how you can get the most out of your coverage and which choices make financial sense for you.


Past Events

Topic: Leveraging Baird Technology

At Baird, we aim to provide a technology experience that provides deep insight into your financial picture leveraging easy-to-use, intuitive online platforms.

Join Caleb Hutchins, Technology Solutions Consultant at Baird, as he dives into some of the specifics on Baird’s most popular technology platforms. Among the topics Caleb will touch on are:
•The simple enrollment process of Baird Online
•The benefits of 360 Wealth and how it helps to illustrate your complete financial picture
•How to use Secure Document Exchange on Baird Online

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Finance for the Greater Good
Date: 8/21/19 

John Taft, Vice Chairman of Baird and Katie Schoen, Manager of PWM Equity & Fixed Income Research, recently sat down to discuss some of the opportunities available for those investors interested in aligning their investments with their values. Among the topics John and Katie explored:
• Helping you better understand what Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is
• Identifying some of the investment solutions available in the SRI space
• How you can incorporate your values into more than just your investments via a values based wealth management approach.

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100th Anniversary Special - Thoughts and Answers from Baird's PWM Leaders

In honor of this significant milestone, Baird put together a special Wealth Strategies webinar, giving clients the opportunity to hear from and interact with Baird’s President and Executive Director of the Private Wealth Management business.

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Big Ideas 2019 - Disruptive Innovation

Educational series that explores the investment opportunities associated with disruptive innovations such as deep learning, digital wallets, battery cost tipping points, autonomous taxi networks, next generation DNA sequencing, CRISPR, collaborative robots, and 3D printing.

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Topic: The Financial Conversations to Have at Every Life Stage
Date: 4/17/19 

We will provide insights into how to acquire, protect and distribute wealth, along with expectations for various life stages. Brian will touch on a number of topics, including:
•Getting the Basics Early
•Entering Early Adulthood
•Managing a Family
•Making Big Purchases (Houses, Higher Education, Cars)
•Managing Wealth
•Transferring Wealth

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Strategic Social Security: Maximize Your Potential

Most of all Social Security participants (a mere 90%) are unable to maximize their benefits… and they aren’t even aware! Knowledge is the first step towards unveiling your retirement income potential. So let’s make that step together by joining Rich Braun, one of Baird’s respected Financial Planners, in this informational presentation on strategic Social Security planning.

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Preserving Your Family Wealth
Date: 2/20/19 

Senior Estate Planner, Megan Dunham, will provide a brief update on recent estate tax law changes, and discuss why it may be an important time to review your baseline estate planning documents, or create a comprehensive plan for the first time.

Megan will cover key topics you should be aware of to make sure that your plan best fits your family and effectively (and efficiently) accomplishes your goals.

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Have a Plan - Own the Best

A well thought out investment strategy helps ensure investment success. We will outline the key components of developing an effective investment strategy.

Specialized Asset Management (SAM) believes some companies are better than others. We will look at the attributes of great companies and show how ownership
of these kinds of companies can enhance investment success.

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End of Year Tax Planning

Tim Steffen, Director of Advanced Planning, will review some of the important factors to consider when looking at your year-end tax and financial planning.

During the call, Tim will cover a number of topics, including:
•The key provisions of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, plus any other significant changes or rulings that took effect in 2018
•Year-end tax and financial planning strategies to help you manage your tax liability
•A look at the impact of the mid-term elections and what could be coming in

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