Baird’s Professional Alliance Services

A partnership to support your clients’ complete wealth management needs

The quality of the advice and service you provide for your clients has earned you their trust. That may make your job easier in many ways, but it is also a tremendous responsibility. When your clients come to you for advice regarding their investment needs, acting in their best interests may mean turning to a financial partner both you and your clients can rely on for expertise in this ever-more-complex arena. Baird’s Professional Alliance Services is a program specifically designed for CPAs, attorneys and other non-investment professionals who prefer to remain focused on their core competencies and expertise while still helping clients plan more comprehensively for their financial futures. By leveraging the deep investment and research expertise of Baird, you can show your clients how fundamentally sound and custom-tailored investment strategies can work in tandem with the advice you provide to help them reach their long-term wealth goals.

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