Our Practice

The Graham Group consists of two Financial Advisors and one Client Associate. We serve approximately 170 Households with combined assets of $155 million. The team collectively has over 45 years of financial services experience. Our focus is on discretionary portfolio management and we tailor our services to meet each client’s specific needs.

Our approach is advice driven, after gaining a deep understanding of our client’s complete financial situation. We typically hold several meetings during the discovery process, which can include coordinated in-put from the client’s CPA and Attorney. Open communication and feedback plays a crucial role in this step of the relationship and will help us set realistic expectations at the outset, and continually manage those expectations going forward.

Great care is taken in recommending an appropriate investment plan, as well as explaining why it was chosen. Once we feel a client fully understands all aspects of the plan, and has gained a solid comfort level, we move on to implementation. We are fortunate to have an excellent administrative team member who diligently guides new clients smoothly through each step of the onboarding process. Once the plan has been implemented, clients should expect frequent communications from the group, as well as scheduled portfolio reviews.

We believe one of the group’s greatest strengths is the ‘Firm’ we have partnered with. Baird, an employee owned independent firm, has developed an operating philosophy that translates its culture and values into great outcomes for clients. The firm’s primary goals are qualitative, not quantitative, continually striving to be "the best not the biggest". Baird’s core practices that consistently add value to our client relationships include a strong belief that growth comes by providing the ‘best advice’ and regularly improving products and services, as well as cultivating a reputation for honesty and credibility.

Baird Summary of Services

Corporate Services

Asset Management
• Corporate Portfolio Management
    - Quarterly Performance Monitoring

• Treasury Services (Cash Management)
    - Short to Intermediate Maturities
    - Taxable and Tax-Exempt Vehicles

• Baird Advisors

• Baird Investment Management

Corporate Stock Plan Services

• Corporate Stock Repurchase Plans

• Rule 10b5-1 - Corporate Repurchase Plans                      

Investment Banking
• Corporate Finance

• Public Investment Banking

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Debt Restructuring

Private Equity
• Baird Capital Partners

• Baird Venture Partners

Retirement Planning
• Qualified Plans
    - 401(k)
    - Profit Sharing
    - Defined Benefit

• Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

• Corporate Section 529 College Savings Plans

Executive Services

Investment Management
• Baird Investment Management and Baird Advisors
    - Individually Managed Portfolios

• Investment Advisory Programs
    - Outside Money Managers
    - Mutual Fund Allocation Services
    - Investment Consulting Services

Wealth Management
• Financial Planning

• Estate Planning Services

• Asset Allocation

• Insurance Services

Executive Services
• Restricted and Control Stock Transactions

• Stock Option Exercise

• Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plans