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Estate Planning

Providing an ongoing legacy for heirs is a key component of any comprehensive financial plan. Because of the complexities associated with wealth transfer, The Hoffman Group offers an advanced level of analysis when it comes to these topics.

We will help you ensure your estate is transferred according to your wishes. From properly gifting money to charity, to walking you through best practices when passing down inheritances to your children, we will work with you and your attorney to ensure your family’s specific needs are met.

Like investment planning, our estate planning process starts with identifying and prioritizing your goals. While reducing taxes is usually the focal point of estate planning, we assist with many uncommon issues as well such as:

 - Financially irresponsible children
 - Heir exposure to creditors and lawsuits
 - Providing for disabled family member
 - Donations to charity and gifts for friends

A plan for transferring wealth is just as important as a plan for accumulating it. We will adjust your estate plan as events in your life happen. Similar to your financial plan, we’ll ensure you are on track to meet your goals by tracking the funding of your trust and verifying the asset distribution is still aligned with your wishes.

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