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Insurance / Risk Management

For high net worth clients, we understand preserving your wealth is a top priority for you. From our investment choices to ensuring you have adequate insurance coverage, we are constantly managing your risk level to make sure you’re prepared for any major changes in the market or unexpected changes in your lives. 
From an investment standpoint we decrease risk several different ways. No one knows what’s going to happen with the market day to day, so by diversifying your investments among different asset classes we’re reducing your market risk. On that same note, we utilize a dollar cost averaging strategy at times to reduce market timing risks as well. We also rebalance your portfolio periodically or when events occur to ensure your allocation still matches your risk tolerance.
When it comes to insurance everyone has different needs. We will take a look at all of your assets as well as your current lifestyle to help determine how much insurance we believe will satisfy your needs. We review your current policies to ensure you have quality coverage at a fair price and lean on our Baird experts to provide solutions for you if your coverage is not up to par.

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