Comprehensive Financial Planning

Serving as your financial partner requires not only a complete and detailed understanding of your values and priorities, but the expertise to tailor an investment vehicle that is both comprehensive and robust. It all starts with a review of your current investment portfolio. We then help you identify the financial goals that are important to you, all with an eye on designing the portfolio to best meet those goals. Our financial planning analysis can address topics such as:

• Funding a retirement goal, college expenses or other significant financial objective
• Evaluating the adequacy of insurance to provide income for survivors, protect against a disability or fund the costs of long-term medical care
• Understanding the impact of estate taxes and other considerations on wealth transfer goals
• Meeting charitable giving goals in a tax-efficient manner 

Our process allows us to evaluate how well the current approach to these issues will meet your goals. In addition, we can also develop recommendations on how to modify the approach in order to make up for shortfalls. To do these analyses, we use sophisticated planning tools that incorporate the latest planning strategies and technologies.

We offer tailored financial solutions to high net-worth families, business owners, and organizations through our unique, consultative process that addresses the following questions:

Wealth Management

Wealth Management small.jpg We focus on developing and implementing intelligent and informed strategies to achieve our clients' objectives and critical financial issues.

• The importance of asset allocation
• Understanding the difference between active and passive money management
• How dividends and interest affect your overall return
• Past performance and the impact it has on current goals
• Ensuring tax planning is congruent with your objectives
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Retirement Planning

Retirement small.jpg Our team realizes the value of looking beyond the numbers in an effort to secure your financial future.

• Making sure you are saving enough for retirement
• Outlining key retirement risks
• Creating a budget for retirement
• As retirement approaches, understating the process and how 
savings can be used as income
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Estate Planning

Estate Planning.jpg Providing an ongoing legacy for heirs is a key component of any comprehensive financial plan. Because of the complexities associated with wealth transfer, The Hoffman Group offers an advanced level of analysis when it comes to these topics. 

• Review existing estate documents to make sure they continue to meet client needs, suggesting enhancements where appropriate
• Create a personalized analysis of the current estate plan, including a list of considerations
• Explain the intricacies of transfer taxes, focusing on how they can impact the client’s estate plan
• Model the impact of particular strategies on wealth transfer goals

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Divorce Planning

Change Blocks_871196052_924x494_(924x494).jpg The Hoffman Group teams up with divorce lawyers to blend professional expertise. We work as the strategist and provide information regarding financial implications in divorce settlements.

• Steps you should take before filing for divorce
• How to adjust your spending habits
• Investment options for the money you received in my settlement
• Evaluate weather or not keeping the home is beneficial to your new goals
• Ensuring you stay on track for retirement

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Insurance/Risk Management

Risk small.jpg We understand the important role of risk management and how it is a key component to providing long-term financial security for your loved ones.

• Ways to keep your records safe and organized
• Understanding Medicare and how it works
• Long-term care insurance and if it something you should consider
• How Social Security can benefit you

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Wealth Building for Young Professionals

Young Professionals.jpg Our team recognizes that this group of individuals in their wealth accumulation phase is underserved when it comes to financial services. We use our expertise to help potential high-earning professionals in this younger demographic make sound financial decisions, and educate them on how to use money as a tool to achieve future goals.

• How to identify and prioritize short- and long-term financial goals
• Paying down debt while still saving for the future
• Making the most of your employers’ benefits
• The right amount of insurance coverage you need to protect your family

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Educational Savings and Planning

529 small.jpg We recognize that planning and investing issues do not always fall into specific categories. Our clients’ unique needs have allowed us to develop an array of specialized services.

• How to save for college and when you should start planning
• Understanding all the college savings options
• Qualifying for financial aid and how to get started
• Reviewing educational 529 savings plan options to find one that fits your needs
• Important facts you should to know about student debt

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