Divorce Planning

Divorce attorneys who choose to include a financial expert want to help their clients get the most favorable financial outcomes possible through settlement. The Hoffman Group teams up with divorce lawyers to blend professional expertise. We work as the strategist and provide information regarding financial implications in divorce settlements. We also assist with income and expense projections, and discussions of economic issues in the aftermath of divorce.

This important role serves as an advisor to manage expectations of both parties, without representing either side – a role that an attorney cannot play.

Post-Divorce Transition Assistance

As financial professionals, we are trained to plan for the future, to encourage our clients to look at the long term. Many of our divorcing clients are stuck in the present or perhaps dangerously reliving the past and can't see how thier divorce settlement will play out over the next twenty years. In the January 2017 issue of the DFA Journal, Adrienne Rothstein Grace identified six Key areas in which CDFAs can help with post-divorce fiancial planning:

Help Safeguard Their Settlement - Work with clients to stick with long term plans for their settlement.

Expense Planning - Asure that the settlement accounts for future changes in expenses.

Investment Issues - Reassess risk in transition.

Hands-on Support - QDRO's, IRA Transfers, Stock Options, Pensions

Income Issues - Child Support, Alimony: for how long?

Insurance Issues - Health, Life, Property/Casualty, Long-term Care, Disability

Financial Transition Coaching

 - Getting Financially Organized
 - Setting Action Steps
 - Identifying Money Obstacles
 - Insurance
 - Budgeting
 - Debt Management
 - Education Planning
 - Home Purchases
 - Automobile Purchase/Lease
 - Dealing with Credit Cards

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