Moving Forward On Your Own

There never seems like there is enough time to prepare for the loss of a spouse.  Some things may be able to put on hold now but several things you must handle soon after the funeral. Many friends, family and professionals may be pressuring you to make decisions, however proceed with caution and on your own timeline.  We have helped and guide many women and men through the aftershock of their partners death. 

Most Widowed clients most pressing anxiety is fear.  Fear of the unknown, of making a mistake that will cause them to lose all their money.  We've recognized that people who experience sudden wealth or sudden control of their wealth, is that they are afraid of losing it.  Starting out in a more balanced conservative approach helps women become comfortable about being in charge of their wealth.  We see a transformation of these women becoming more communicative and active in their money management and planning.

Knowledge is Empowerment:
We understand that feeling safe
, needing to have more details and being able to see the big picture is a big need for our widowers.  We help guide our ladies in making good sound financial decisions while helping them feel more comfortable and confident about them.  Our team  helps you get organized, update any financial / insurance items, and create a roadmap of what life will look like going forward.   Whether you come to us after you have lost your spouse or we already have a relationship with you, we are committed to always treating you with patience, respect and compassion.

We would be honored to be apart of your team and making sure you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Widowhood Transition Assistance:

  • Help Safeguard Inherited Wealth
  • Expense Planning-Getting Organized, identifying obsticles, and budgeting.
  • Investment Issues- Reassess risk in transition & Role and Goal of your money now.
  • Hands-On Support- Transitioning Accounts into own name/trusts.
  • Income Issues- Continued needs & survivor spousal income.
  • Insurance Issues- Health, Life, Long-term Care, Disability.

Great Reads:
"Single... Not by Choice: Emotional and Financial Guidance for Women After the Loss of Their Spouse." 
By:  David Rust & Shane Moore

"So Now You're a Widow:  Tips, Advice, and Stories from Widows to Widows." 
By:  Bonnie Merryfield

"The Widow's Journal:  Questions to Guide You through Grief and Life Planning after the Loss of a Partner." 
By:  Carrie P Freeman

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