Finding Meaning in and after Divorce

Post-Divorce Financial Planning:  Focus on What’s Next.

After a divorce is final, significant assets are often put in the hands of a spouse who has not experienced in dealing with the finances and the decisions that adhere. We help our clients with fiscal responsibility so they can have financial stability in the future. 

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) Mary also works alongside clients who seek a financial advocate after their divorce process.  Along the way we create a financial and investment plan for these divorcee based on their new found "why, and what is important now" that they will take them forward into their new regained life.

Areas we help with:
*Investment Management, Financial Planning, Tax & Estate Planning
*Long Term Healthcare Planning - We ensure your client has explored all their coverage options & costs.
*Protection Planning - determine current and future coverage needs or alternative solutions to protect maintenance, child support, and retirement benefits in case

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