A Financial Partner with Your Best Interests in Mind

A Financial Advisor should be someone who can be trusted and has the experience and knowledge to create a portfolio that best suits the client's goals. At The Mike Levin Group, we have closely guided high-net-worth individuals, corporate executives, and families through many market cycles, led by a thorough understanding of their unique situations and an unwavering commitment to keep their best interests first. Through the many market cycles, we have gained experience that allows us to protect our clients from downside volatility and add a unique outlook on the markets which allows us to consider long and short-term investment horizons.

But what makes The Mike Levin Group different? We value our clients and believe that among all else it is important to be accessible and have effective communication. A strong relationship with our clients allows us to create personalized portfolios that are appropriate for the client's goal, as well as allowing them to feel confident that their interests are our priority.

Fortunately, in Baird, we have a partner that shares our passion for wealth management and strong client relationships, with world-class resources and deep expertise to support us in our mission to provide the very best advice and service we can in important areas, including:

  • Portfolio management
  • Saving for higher education
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Estate planning services
  • Investment tax planning
  • Insurance

To discover the difference true partnership can make in your financial life, contact us today.