Investor Resources

Investing Info Series:

Adding Value Through Diversification
How Do Asset Classes Work in Your Portfolio
The Importance of a Long Term Perspective
The Difference Between Active and Passive Management
The (Un)Reliability of Past Performance
The Importance of Dividends and Interest Income
This Time It Is Different: The Four Phases of a Bubble

Portfolio Selection Series:

The Importance of Asset Allocation
Asset Class Returns: 10 Year Look Back
How Have Different Bonds Performed: 10 Year Look Back
How Have Different Sectors Performed: 10 Year Look Back

Retirement Planning Series:

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
Understanding Your Risk Profile: Investor Objectives Questionnaire
The Key Risks in Retirement
Traditional vs Roth IRA Overview
Rebalancing Your Portfolio Flyer: Why It Matters
Why it Pays to Begin Investing Early

Wealth Management Series:

Estate Planning Basics
Teaching Kids to Be Financially Fit
The Importance of Wealth Management Planning
The Four Things to Do Today to Help Achieve Financial Success
Lessons From Behavioral Finance: How Your Mind Plays Tricks on You
2021 Tax Facts

College Planning Series:

How Much Should You Save
Comparison of Education Savings Options
Benefits of a 529 College Savings Plan
529 College Savings Plans FAQ
What Parents Need to Know
Financial Aid Strategies
Grandparent Owned 529 FAQs