Private Wealth Management

Experience. It makes all the difference.

The Penn Valente Group has decades of experience in navigating clients through various market cycles since the early 1980s. We have the experience our clients need to help them make the right decisions when it matters most. We invest our time in building strong relationships with our clients. This leads to better outcomes for our clients.
Investing for the "long run” is the right advice, but it ignores basic human nature. The fear and greed cycle leads investors to buy high and sell low.

We help our clients become informed investors by maintaining the highest standard of care with consistent communication regardless of the market's direction.

We act as the voice of reason with realistic expectations for how markets actually behave. Over shorter periods, market returns have a very wide range of results. Over longer time periods, outcomes tend to center around long-term averages. History matters.  
We don’t panic during times of market stress. Big drawdowns in the stock market have been a common occurrence and we understand that’s typically when our clients need us most and the manifestation of our work together will likely be most evident.

We prefer preparation over panic and understand that though diversification is key, it is also hard. Why? Because true diversification means holding underperforming assets. If everything is “working,” it means your portfolio is not actually diversified. With the knowledge of behavioral biases such as loss aversion, we understand that losses are more painful than gains are pleasing. The math behind diversification makes sense, but its psychology can be troubling.

Experience. It makes all the difference. And that’s peace of mind for our clients when it matters most. 

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A Look at Our Process

Our approach to investing is designed to provide solutions and strategies specifically tailored to your goals with ongoing advice and due diligence to help simplify your financial life:

  • First, we gather information about you to better understand your complete financial picture.
  • We then work with you to identify goals and objectives, prioritize them in terms of importance and timeframe, and determine the amount of risk you’re comfortable with.
  • Taking the above into consideration, we look for gaps and opportunities.
  • We draw on our expertise and the considerable resources of Baird – including industry-leading equity research, top product selection specialists and leading experts in tax, retirement, insurance and estate planning – to evaluate your investment options.
  • We recommend a custom solution and, with your trust and confidence, implement it in accordance with the Investment Policy Guidelines you help us to set.
  • We consistently review your portfolio and measure performance to make adjustments as changes occur in the markets.
  • We provide ongoing management and oversight to help keep your investments aligned with your plans as your personal situation evolves.

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