Retirement Plan Consulting

Experience. It makes all the difference.

The Penn Valente Group has decades of experience in navigating clients through the ever changing ERISA landscape. 401(k) plans have been a core focus of our team since the early 1990s.

Qualified plan consultation is a highly specialized field requiring years of experience and depth of expertise.

The Penn Valente Group is a senior member of Baird’s Qualified Plan Consulting Group, working with plans throughout the country. As a senior member of this highly specialized group, our qualifications place our team in the top 3% of Baird advisors focusing on the 401(k) industry.

Our mission is to improve both the employee and the plan sponsor experience. Our process focuses on enhancing the service model, monitoring overall plan fees and addressing service & plan design gaps.
The Penn Valente Group is vendor neutral and client focusedEducation and communication is a core component of our process.

All employees are welcome to contact us directly with any questions or concerns at any time, all the time.

We believe that regardless of an individual's salary, each individual has the right to retire with dignity.
Our process helps plan sponsors run efficient and effective retirement plans and helps employees stay focused on their long term retirement goals.

We invest our time in building strong relationships with Plan Sponsors. This leads to better outcomes for our clients.

Experience. It makes all the difference.

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