Our Practice

Wealth Management for Your Lifetime and Your Legacy

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Our goal is your success. 

The Popovich Financial Group is passionate about helping you achieve your definition of financial success because when we witness this we have met our goal. Our clients have a variety of goals; building and preserving their wealth, multi-generational planning, protecting against risk, and much more. Each family presents its own special circumstances; we aim to customize our guidance to the unique needs of our clients, their families, and their businesses.


How We Are Different
Every advisor is different. Some focus on different things. Our clients come to us because they need guidance and someone looking over their shoulder. That’s what we are here for. Not only do we focus on portfolio management, but our goal is to ensure we focus on achieving their objectives for retirement. Plus we help with any other aspects they do not know about.

Clients We Work With
Our clients are predominantly retirees who want to spend less time on financial affairs and more time enjoying life. We also have a lot of clients that are mid-career moving up the corporate ladder or running their own businesses. What they all have in common is they are great savers, responsible with their finances, and have goals that they've thought about and want to achieve. We tend to be multi-generational in scope meaning we start with one member of the family who then introduces us to parents, siblings, children, etc.

Our Goal for Our Clients
We are a team of wealth managers with a focus on creating and enhancing generational wealth for our clients and to protect long lasting generational wealth for your heirs. Our objective is to get people on a path to retire when they want to retire. We want to be the first in line contact for your family when a life event or even a tragedy happened.  Rest assured your family will be in good hands well after your death.

What Our Process Looks Like
We start with a personalized financial plan which helps define your objectives and long-term goals. Then we create customized portfolios that suit your needs and we also focus on the estate planning side. We like having the plans in place so we can set you on the right path to reach your goals.