Is it time for financial advice?

The financial issues you face now are far different than those of someone approaching retirement. However, it’s often unclear where to turn for advice that will help you make thoughtful choices. We are proud to have a multi-generational team with a focus on helping the next generation of investors.

Given his age and life experience, Conor specializes in helping the next generation in creating personalized plans with a goal of helping plan for successful future, while enjoying life in the present!

We often say that when it comes to successful investing, it is about time in the market, not timing the market. Investing early allows us to take advantage of what we call the 7th wonder of the world, compound interest, while also having plenty of time for market movements. Why It Pays To Begin Investing Early.

Common Questions

  • Should I keep renting or is now a good time to buy a house?
  • How should I allocate my 401(k)? How much should I contribute?
  • Do I need an emergency fund?
  • Should I make Roth contributions or traditional contributions?
  • How much should I be saving for my kid's college education?
  • When should I form my estate plan?
  • How much should I put away for retirement?

For help navigating these questions or for more information, please contact Conor Quick, Financial Advisor, at or at (317)-582-2210.