Our practice

Client-focused investment philosophy

Creating the right financial plans and investment strategies for you begins with understanding who you are and what’s important to you. Far more than a simple Q&A, our process begins with truly getting to know you – your values, hopes and concerns. We’ll engage in a conversation about your current financial situation, your priorities and your vision for the future. And we’ll keep this line of communication open once we’ve built and implemented your comprehensive, personalized solutions so we can ensure they remain on track for the long-term.

In-depth discovery process

Our approach to investing is designed to provide solutions and strategies specifically tailored to your goals, as well as ongoing advice and due diligence to help simplify your financial life.

  • First, we gather information about you to understand your complete financial picture.
  • Next we work with you to identify your goals and objectives, prioritize them and determine the amount of risk you’re comfortable with.
  • Then we look for gaps and opportunities.
  • Next we evaluate your investment options, drawing on our own expertise and the considerable resources of Baird – including industry-leading equity research, top product selection specialists and leading experts in tax, retirement, insurance and estate planning.
  • We will recommend a custom solution and, with your trust and confidence, implement it in accordance with the Investment Policy Guidelines you help us to set.
  • We will consistently review your portfolio and measure performance to make adjustments as changes occur in the markets.
  • We will provide ongoing management and oversight to help keep your investments aligned with your plans as your personal situation evolves.

Compassionate, committed service

At The Tearse Wright Group we don’t just care about your finances - we care about you. We strive to go above and beyond for our clients with the goal of building relationships, not simply offering a service. We assist our clients with a variety of financial needs, ranging from simple to complex, in an effort to help them live full, financially secure lives. Perhaps one of the following situations applies to you:
  • Are you seeking to achieve financial freedom so you can live life by your own design well into retirement?
  • Have you reached a point where you need to learn how to handle the family finances due to a divorce or the death of a spouse or partner?
  • Do you need help or advice regarding a major purchase and are unsure how to proceed?

If so, or if you have other concerns related to your finances or investments, we're here to help. At The Tearse Wright Group, you are more to us than a client - we want to come alongside you as family. Whether you are just beginning the journey of financial security or need additional help with your current investments, we’ll put our considerable experience to work for you. Contact us today to let us know how we can help.