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Journal October 2020   Foresight or Hindsight – Politics and Investing.

One thing 2020 has taught us – our first pandemic is, similar to our first job, or our first dates; one learns from experience.  The experience of living through many economic and political changes is that the perspective that the sun will rise tomorrow and we will be able to manage whatever the results. Many strategists are commenting on elections and impact, so I thought to share a few wise opinions from several sources at Baird.

Our blogger Michael Antonelli commented on historical reference points and why putting elections into perspective may shed some wisdom on the eventual outcomes of our upcoming electoral process – no matter how messy or elongated it may become. https://bairdwealth.com/insights/Investing-in-an-Election-Year     

Our firm invested in a macro economic research group Strategas and we are launching a weekly commentary that is also timely to provide a fresh view from this very talented and balanced group. Check this page weekly for great commentary and well researched ideas. https://www.bairdwealth.com/insights/market-insights  

On that same page you will also find strategy and policy updates likely of more interest in the upcoming year.

Lastly, countless commentaries and speculation of outcomes are likely in our immediate media source. Keep in mind perspective and balance as well as information bias. We all seek opinions close to our own as Daniel Kahneman researched several years back. His Nobel prize in economic science and insight in his book Thinking Fast and Slow may be better reading vs. Twitter this next month.  Reviewing and fact checking any information source as well as twice “measuring” before cutting or concluding our thoughts is also wise in this wild and crazy world we presently inhabit!   

Stay healthy & wise,

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